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Known issues


  • AcquireFailurePointNotOnChain

    • It ocurs when you attempt to start a head using a point in the past too old (exceeding k limit).

    • Reference: issue #439 AcquireFailurePointTooOld when --start-chain-from point is past k.

    • Workaround: Restart your node fresh, without state. For that you need to remove your persistance dir and restart the hydra-node.

  • Hydra node crashes after a fork

    • It ocurs during a fork and expects the operator to restart its hydra-node.

    • Reference: issue #560 Hydra node crashed after a fork.

    • Workaround: Restarting your node should be enough to come back to live. Beware, if you wait to long to restart it then you may fall under QueryAcquireException AcquireFailurePointTooOld and will require you to restart without state.

  • The current transaction size has a limit of ~16KB. This causes the following inconveniences:

    • The protocol can only handle a maximum number of participants by Head. See cost of collectcom transaction or the hydra-node will inform you of the current configured maximum when trying to configure too many peers.

    • Only one or no utxo can be committed by each party to a Head.

    • The head cannot be finalized if holding more than ~100 assets. See cost of fanout transaction for latest numbers.

  • Not an issue, but a workaround: The internal wallet of hydra-node requires a UTXO to be marked as "fuel" to drive the Hydra protocol transactions. See user manual.


  • TUI crashes when user tries to post a new transaction wihout any UTXO remaining.

  • Recipient addresses to send money to in the TUI are inferred from the current UTXO set. If a party does not commit a UTXO or consumes all its UTXO in a Head, it won't be able to send or receive anything anymore.