hydra-node-0.13.0: The Hydra node
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




type Block = CardanoBlock StandardCrypto Source #

type VerificationKey = VerKeyDSIGN (DSIGN StandardCrypto) Source #

type SigningKey = SignKeyDSIGN (DSIGN StandardCrypto) Source #

readKeyPair :: FilePath -> IO (VerificationKey PaymentKey, SigningKey PaymentKey) Source #

readFileTextEnvelopeThrow :: HasTextEnvelope a => AsType a -> FilePath -> IO a Source #

retry :: forall e m a. (MonadCatch m, MonadDelay m, Exception e) => (e -> Bool) -> m a -> m a Source #

A simple retrying function with a constant delay. Retries only if the given predicate evaluates to True.

Better coupled with a timeout function.