Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Unit tests for our "hand-rolled" transactions as they are used in the "direct" chain component.



spec :: Spec Source #

ledgerPParams :: PParams LedgerEra Source #

withinTxExecutionBudget :: EvaluationReport -> Property Source #

generateCommitUTxOs :: [Party] -> Gen (Map TxIn (TxOut CtxUTxO, HashableScriptData, UTxO)) Source #

Generate a UTXO representing commit outputs for a given list of Party. NOTE: Uses testPolicyId for the datum. NOTE: We don't generate empty commits and it is used only at one place so perhaps move it? FIXME: This function is very complicated and it's hard to understand it after a while

prettyEvaluationReport :: EvaluationReport -> String Source #

genAbortableOutputs :: [Party] -> Gen ([UTxOWithScript], [(TxIn, TxOut CtxUTxO, HashableScriptData, UTxO)]) Source #

fst3 :: (a, b, c) -> a Source #

third :: (a, b, c) -> c Source #

drop2nd :: (a, b, c) -> (a, c) Source #

drop3rd :: (a, b, c) -> (a, b) Source #

tripleToPair :: (a, b, c) -> (a, (b, c)) Source #