hydra-plutus-0.17.0: Hydra Plutus Contracts
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headValidator :: State -> Input -> ScriptContext -> Bool Source #

checkAbort :: ScriptContext -> CurrencySymbol -> [Party] -> Bool Source #

On-Chain verification for Abort transition. It verifies that:

  • All PTs have been burnt: The right number of Head tokens with the correct head id are burnt, one PT for each party and a state token ST.
  • All committed funds have been redistributed. This is done via v_commit and it only needs to ensure that we have spent all comitted outputs, which follows from burning all the PTs.

checkCollectCom Source #


:: ScriptContext

Script execution context

-> (ContestationPeriod, [Party], CurrencySymbol) 
-> Bool 

On-Chain verification for CollectCom transition. It verifies that:

  • All participants have committed (even empty commits)
  • All commits are properly collected and locked into η as a hash of serialized tx outputs in the same sequence as commit inputs!
  • The transaction is performed (i.e. signed) by one of the head participants
  • State token (ST) is present in the output

commitDatum :: TxOut -> [Commit] Source #

Try to find the commit datum in the input and if it is there return the committed utxo

checkClose :: ScriptContext -> [Party] -> BuiltinByteString -> [Signature] -> ContestationPeriod -> CurrencySymbol -> Bool Source #

The close validator must verify that:

  • Check that the closing tx validity is bounded by contestation period
  • Check that the deadline corresponds with tx validity and contestation period.
  • The resulting utxo hash is correctly signed or the initial utxo hash, depending on snapshot number
  • The transaction is performed (i.e. signed) by one of the head participants
  • State token (ST) is present in the output
  • Contesters must be initialize as empty
  • Value in v_head is preserved

checkContest Source #


:: ScriptContext 
-> POSIXTime 
-> ContestationPeriod 
-> [Party] 
-> SnapshotNumber

Snapshot number of the closed state.

-> [Signature] 
-> [PubKeyHash]

Keys of party member which already contested.

-> CurrencySymbol

Head id

-> Bool 

The contest validator must verify that:

  • The transaction does not mint or burn tokens.
  • The contest snapshot number is strictly greater than the closed snapshot number.
  • The contest snapshot is correctly signed.
  • The transaction is performed (i.e. signed) by one of the head participants
  • Party can contest only once.
  • The transaction is performed before the deadline.
  • Add signer to list of contesters.
  • State token (ST) is present in the output
  • Push deadline if signer is not the last one to contest.
  • No other parameters have changed.
  • Value in v_head is preserved

checkFanout :: BuiltinByteString -> POSIXTime -> Integer -> ScriptContext -> CurrencySymbol -> [Party] -> Bool Source #

(&) :: a -> (a -> b) -> b Source #

makeContestationDeadline :: ContestationPeriod -> ScriptContext -> POSIXTime Source #

getHeadInput :: ScriptContext -> TxInInfo Source #

getHeadAddress :: ScriptContext -> Address Source #

mustBeSignedByParticipant :: ScriptContext -> CurrencySymbol -> Bool Source #

findParticipationTokens :: CurrencySymbol -> Value -> [TokenName] Source #

headOutputDatum :: ScriptContext -> Datum Source #

getTxOutDatum :: TxOut -> Datum Source #

hashPreSerializedCommits :: [Commit] -> BuiltinByteString Source #

Hash a potentially unordered list of commits by sorting them, concatenating their preSerializedOutput bytes and creating a SHA2_256 digest over that.

NOTE: See note from hashTxOuts.

hashTxOuts :: [TxOut] -> BuiltinByteString Source #

Hash a pre-ordered list of transaction outputs by serializing each individual TxOut, concatenating all bytes together and creating a SHA2_256 digest over that.

NOTE: In general, from asserting that `hash(x || y) = hash (x' || y')` it is not safe to conclude that `(x,y) = (x', y')` as the same hash could be obtained by moving one or more bytes from the end of x to the beginning of y, but in the context of Hydra validators it seems impossible to exploit this property without breaking other logic or verification (eg. producing a valid and meaningful TxOut).

hasPT :: CurrencySymbol -> TxOut -> Bool Source #

Check if TxOut contains the PT token.

verifySnapshotSignature :: [Party] -> CurrencySymbol -> SnapshotNumber -> BuiltinByteString -> [Signature] -> Bool Source #

verifyPartySignature :: CurrencySymbol -> SnapshotNumber -> BuiltinByteString -> Party -> Signature -> Bool Source #

compareRef :: TxOutRef -> TxOutRef -> Ordering Source #

compiledValidator :: CompiledCode ValidatorType Source #

validatorScript :: SerialisedScript Source #

validatorHash :: ScriptHash Source #