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Test Results for hydra-cluster


Performance traces

  • generate trace for NewTx



  • can be read from JSON



  • seedFromFaucet and returnFundsToFaucet work together


  • should work concurrently


JSON encoding of Dataset

  • allows to encode values with aeson and read them back

    +++ OK, passed 100 tests.
  • generates a Dataset that keeps UTXO constant

    +++ OK, passed 100 tests.


End-to-end on Cardano devnet

hydra-node executable

  • logs its command line arguments
  • logs to a logfile
  • detects misconfiguration


  • Node exposes Prometheus metrics on port 6001

two hydra heads scenario

  • two heads on the same network do not conflict
  • bob cannot abort alice's head

restarting nodes

  • can abort head after restart
  • can observe a commit tx after a restart, even when a tx happened while down
  • can start chain from the past and replay on-chain events
  • close of an initial snapshot from re-initialized node is contested

three hydra nodes scenario

  • inits a Head, processes a single Cardano transaction and closes it again
  • inits a Head and closes it immediately

single party hydra head

  • full head life-cycle
  • can close with long deadline
  • can submit a timed tx
  • commits from external with script utxo
  • commit external wallet utxo with inline datum in the script
  • can't commit externally with internal wallet utxo
  • can submit a signed user transaction


  • can init and abort a head given nothing has been committed
  • can init and abort a 2-parties head after one party has committed
  • cannot abort a non-participating head
  • can commit
  • can commit empty UTxO
  • can open, close & fanout a Head
  • can restart head to point in the past and replay on-chain events
  • cannot restart head to an unknown point
  • can publish and query reference scripts in a timely manner
  • can only contest once


  • has expected cardano-node version available
  • withCardanoNodeDevnet does start a block-producing devnet within 5 seconds


  • queryGenesisParameters works as expected