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Haskell Packages

The Hydra project is divided into several Haskell packages fulfilling different parts of the protocol. While some packages are internal and specific to the Hydra project, some are quite generic and may be useful to other projects facing similar issues. Regardless, we expose Haddock documentation for all of them.

Public Packages

plutus-merkle-treeImplementation of Merkle Trees, compatible with on-chain Plutus validators.
plutus-cborImplementation of CBOR encoders, compatible with on-chain Plutus validators.
hydra-preludeCustom Hydra Prelude used across other Hydra packages.
hydra-cardano-apiA wrapper around the cardano-api, with era-specialized types and extra utilities.

Internal Packages

hydra-nodeThe Hydra node.
hydra-node testsThe Hydra node test code.
hydra-tuiTerminal User Interface (TUI) for managing a Hydra node
hydra-plutusHydra Plutus Contracts
hydra-clusterIntegration test suite using a local cluster of Cardano and hydra nodes