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Hydra for Payments

This category will be restructured

The payments category will be restructured into a more consistent use-case-centric roadmap of application scenarios. For now it still contains some legacy use case articles.

Hydra for Payments is an ongoing collaboration with Obsidian Systems meant to complement the evolving Hydra Head Protocol with tooling designed for payment-specific use cases.

The current phase of development is focused on extending the existing open-source Hydra for Payments library by providing the following:

  • An expanded payment channel API with convenience features meant to reduce builder ramp-up and time-to-market for their projects.

  • High-assurance mechanisms especially important for builders of commercial projects trusted with user assets.

  • Flexible configurations with sensible defaults to help builders dynamically scale their product and implement compelling user experiences.

The plan is to consolidate this work and make it available as the mainnet-compatible Hydra for Payments SDK.

To validate these aims, the launch of a mobile reference application will follow. The application will directly utilize the Hydra for Payments SDK for all of critical payment channel functionality.

Further Reading

  • The post introducing the Hydra for Payments project can be found here.

  • Hydra for Payments is under active development and the source code and documentation can be found here.

An Example Configuration